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Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You

The warm glow of the TV set

I don't have cable or satellite, and my TV reception is for shit, so I don't get to watch a lot of first-run TV shows. On the upside, I don't have to filter through a lot of crap, but I also miss some of the really good shows until they come out on video.

As we enter the cold weather, I plan on catching up on some of the better ones, but I need some suggestions.

Of all the TV series you've seen in the last five years or so, which one (or two) would you recommend wholeheartedly to get on DVD? Also, if there is a classic series that has come out on DVD recently, I'm all ears (and eyes).

I like to watch an entire season over the course of several days and nights, so I want something that will keep my interest over a long period of time. If it is a mini-series or a partial season, I wouldn't mind that either.

My tastes generally run towards sci-fi (my faves are Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, and Doctor Who), sitcoms (Two and Half Men and How I Met Your Mother), and adult drama/comedy (Rescue Me, House). I am limited to what is available in the United States, so some British, Australian, or Japanese programs may be out.

Finally, money is no object, mostly because I will be borrowing them from the library or renting them from the local video store. As such, I may have to build up a waiting list, putting them on reserve now but not getting them until January or February. I don't mind; it's gonna be a long cold winter, and I've got time.

Fire away!
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