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Writer's Block: To the Mat

If you were a superstar of professional wrestling, what would your wrestling name be? And what finishing move would you use to get to Wrestlemania?

I have a habit of whistling idly, so I might as well run with it.

My pro wrestling name would be Whistler Williams I would be a face, and instead of applause, my fans would enthusiastically whistle (using special whistles purchased from, of course).

Fighting style involves a lot of forearm moves and whip kicks, that move so fast they "whistle" through the air.

Finishing move is the Whistle Stopper: throw opponent off the ropes, catch him on the rebound in a choke hold and immediately slam him down to the mat. Not as devastating as an Undertaker choke slam, but a lot more sudden and gives me a perfect pin maneuver.

What do you think, Lauryn? Think I've got a shot?
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