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I hate Wednesdays

You know how some people (alright, most people) say they hate Mondays? Well, I really don't have a problem with Mondays. You're just coming off of the weekend, so you rested and relaxed (or should be, anyway). Any fuckups you did the previous week are now days in the past, and are starting to be forgotten. You have a clean slate ahead of you. If your goal is to accomplish something by the end of the week, you've got plenty of time, and you can goof around for part of Monday morning before you have to get down to work.

Me, I hate Wednesdays. Your week is half-over. Instead of having 5 days to get shit done, now you have 3, and when it gets down to it, you only have 2, since Friday is usually spent doing the end-of-week bullshit. You know what I mean: filling out timesheets and status reports, trying to get in touch with people who are leaving early, daydreaming about what you're doing that weekend, getting your project to a stable point so you can pick it up where you left off on Monday. If you haven't put a serious dent in your weekly goals by now, you are in serious risk of not getting them done, and you might as well write off Thursday too.

Another reason I hate Wednesdays is Tuesday night. I work a second job in the evenings and on the weekends. If I had to work over the weekend, I have most or all of Sunday to relax, and Monday isn't so bad. If I worked Tuesday, I will get home late, almost 11:00. My wife will be asleep, and I will take great pains to avoid disturbing her, usually going right to bed even though I will still be pretty much awake. I'll toss and turn, and won't fall asleep for an hour or so. She, in turn, has to be at work by 7:00am, which means she gets up shortly after 6am. I can either wake up with her, which means I'll have less than my desired 7-8 hours of sleep, and be tired and cranky, or I can bundle under the covers, sleep until 7:15 or 7:30, and have to haul ass in order to get to my main job by 8:30. Of course, when I get home at 11:00 on Wednesday night, my body has already made the adjustment, and getting up on Thursday isn't nearly so difficult.

Everyone talks about Wednesday as being the "hump day", and how it's all a downhill coast from here. That's the problem. Have you ever climbed a really steep hill? The view from the top is great, but then if you start going down that hill, you start picking up speed, sometimes uncontrollably accelerating towards the bottom. If you hit a bump or pothole in the road, if some cross traffic gets in your way, or if you have to turn, it's almost impossible to put on the brakes soon enough. Coming down that hill, you're just begging to crash.

No, the biggest problem with Wednesdays are that they are in the middle of the week: too far from Monday to give you a chance to fix any foulups before it's too late, too far from Friday to provide any real hope of relief. It's an entire week wrapped up in a single day, and I've just wasted 1/10th of it writing this entry. Back to work.
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