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Oh, so now tht it's MY problem...

I am responsible for running a number of weekly and monthly reports for our management and executive staff. The reporting tool in our software is clunky, difficult to customize, and cannot be automated. For at least a year and a half, I have been suggesting to the powers that be that we should redevelop some or all of these reports using Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services.
At every turn, I've been told that it is not a priority, and the developers on staff with expertise in those tools are not available to work on it. Nobody has the time to learn the software to the degree I have, and they didn't see the return on the investment of time and resources. I shouldn't be surprised; my division has always been sort of the red-headed stepchild in the company, and nobody wanted to give it any attention. So I've plodded along, wasting hours every week and over half a day every month running these.

Well, I was given notice that I am being laid off. Since I am the only person with even an inkling of what was going on with my division, they are keeping me around through the end of the year and I am training others on how to run these reports. As soon as I showed them the reporting process, they were all aghast as to how much manual effort goes into it. Suddenly, as if it was a completely new idea, someone suggests, "Hey, why don't we rewrite these using SQL Reporting Services? It wouldn't require THAT much effort, it would free up person X from having to do this tedious work every week, and it would save time in the long run."


The same thing is happening with a number of other periodic and ad-hoc programs and procedures. As long as I was in my little corner and didn't bother anyone, they were perfectly content to let things go the way they were, constantly ignoring my pleas for some assistance or developer resources, but as soon as someone else needs to step up and take over my responsibilities, suddenly it's a major burden and needs a three-man team to review the process and rewrite the procedures.

It's very unfortunate that I had to lose my job for them to finally make the time to do these reports right. If I wasn't already on my way out the door, I'd probably start looking for another job. How can you argue with such pointy-headed thinking?
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