Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You (tallguy) wrote,
Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You

Falling in a winter wonderland

You ever hear the term "pride goeth before a fall"? Well, I took it literally this afternoon.

Indianapolis has been experiencing freezing rain this afternoon, combined with a warm morning and cold afternoon. Our parking lot was pretty slick, and I was walking very gingerly to my car. At one point, I was starting to get traction under my feet, and I said out loud "Well, this isn't too bad"...just before I hit an ice patch and lost my footing. Fortunately, there was a parked car nearby for me to grab onto, otherwise I would have gone ass over teakettle.

Driving home was slow, but not too bad until I got into my subdivision. That when I discovered that our roads are not on the county's list to be salted. I almost did a 180 degree spin as I turned, and I bounced off a curb or two as I made my way to my house. I knew the driveway was going to be icy, and I didn't get two thirds of the way up before I started skidding sideways.

OK, I'll just park it here. I stop the car and set the parking brake, but as I turned to get my bag out of the back, I saw that the car wasn't done moving. As I sat there in amazement, the car slid slowly backwards, eventually sliding all the way off the driveway until the back wheels were in the street. I didn't know whether to laugh or be thankful that I wasn't trying to get out when it started. I managed to get it back into the driveway, parked it diagonally, and slip-slided my way out to the lawn.

Maybe later I'll go out there and try to chip away at the ice enough to get it into the garage. For now, I'm just chuckling.
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