Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You (tallguy) wrote,
Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You

Happy Holidays

I wanted to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah / Kool Kwanzaa / Joyous Yule / Freakin' Festivus / Happy Day-off-from-work (or happy overtime if you are working), and a Happy New Year.

For all my single friends, here is a heartfelt hope that you find friendship, romance, and your heart's desire in 2009. For all my engaged / married friends, my heartfelt hope that you never forget what a bitch and a half it is being single, so give your special someone a big ol' kiss under the mistletoe.

Peace on earth, good will to all men, somebody pass the eggnog.

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