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Why am I still awake?

I got home from D's place almost 2 hours ago. I should have gone right to bed, and at least tried to get some sleep.
Instead, I've been messing around the house, packing and unpacking backpacks and duffel bags, checking and rechecking email, and doing everything I shouldn't be doing at this hour of night (well, not EVERYTHING I shouldn't be doing, thank God).

I think I'm just keyed up from another great evening with D. (I'm glad that J and K don't mind me spending time over there; they've been incredibly nice to a relative stranger.) We burned their Christmas tree (today was Twelfth Night), had some snacks, then D and I watched a few episodes of Bones while snuggled next to each other (nothing happened other than a little hand-holding and hugs, which is a good thing, and more than I expected, which is also a good thing). We also talked a little bit, exploring a little more of our respective past lives (that is, our lives before conversion).
I need to make sure I don't get ahead of myself; I started to feel my emotions stepping on the gas pedal, and I need to keep that in check during these early days of our courtship. Slow and steady, romance tempered with wisdom, dating with a purpose; these must be my watchwords or I'll just fall into the same old patterns. Lord, grant me strength and patience.

I have a job interview at 11:00 in Greenfield, about a 40 minute drive from home. I was also planning on going to a business networking meeting at 8am, but I don't think that's gonna happen. Instead, I'll spend the morning making a few phone calls, sending out resumes, and doing some quick follow up emails. I guess it's all good. At least I don't have anything scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, so I can take care of business, and maybe get to the art museum.

Well, maybe if I actually get into bed, turn off the lights, and close my eyes, I might accidentally get some sleep.
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