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How do I wind up in these situations?

As some of you on my Facebook list know, I've been doing my Christian duty, helping out a friend of a friend who got kicked out of his apartment at the beginning of the year. Mostly running him from flophouse to flophouse, giving him some clothes and buying him a few meals.

Well, tonight my Christian charity was put to the test. This guy found himself without a place to stay for the night, and in what was probably a weak moment, I offered to put him up for the night. As I type this, he is crashed out on my bed with crisp clean sheets, new pillows and a new comforter, while I get the couch, which is about two feet too short for me. Tomorrow morning, I'll buy him breakfast, then take him downtown to the shelter, where they are going to try to relocate him to a more permanent residence. I'll probably wind up giving him a few bucks as well.

Fifteen or so years ago, I used to live in an apartment called the "Den", which was a perpetual "home for the homeless". Friends, friends of friends, and total strangers would come over to visit, and leave days, weeks, or months later. Now that I'm older and supposedly wiser, it's strange how those old ways come back to me. I guess I'm just a soft touch; if there's someone in dire straits and I can help them out, I'm happy to open my home to them.

I just hope this doesn't become a habit. It's hard enough supporting myself on unemployment and the occasional consulting gig. Don't think I can handle houseguests, however temporary.
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