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It's finally over

I received a letter from the archdiocese last week. I'll quote it here:

Mr Yater,

We have been informed that the Reverend Judges of the Tribunal of the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana assigned to the above numbered and named case met on December 15, 2008 and affirmed the definitive sentence of the Court of First Instance which declared the marriage null and void from the very beginning.

Therefore, in accordance with the laws and teachings of the Catholic Church, you are now free of the subject marriage.

After all this time, I almost didn't believe it when Kat told me. All the impediments are gone, and there is no ecclesiastical reason why I cannot pursue another relationship with someone. I always had this in the back of my mind, preventing me from being totally comfortable when I was interested in someone, but now the only thing stopping me

More to the point, no there is nothing stopping Kat and J from getting married, and my contractual obligation to her from ending. I really do think they are happy together.
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