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A prayer request

I've rarely used my journal to ask for prayer requests, but this is an extreme circumstance.

My friend D just had a terrible tragedy befall her. Her family's house in Fort Wayne caught fire and burnt to the ground. It was a total loss. Her parents and youngest brother have nothing but the clothes on thier back. Her other brother had to jump for safety from a second story window, and is currently in the ICU, with head trauma, broken ribs, and possible paralysis.

They are the lucky ones.

Three other people in the house died in the fire: a 4 and a 5 year old boy, and their mother, who was 8 months pregnant. Her baby died as well.

I don't care if you are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, pagan, or anything else. Please offer your prayers to the gods of your choice for the repose of their souls, for the recovery of her brother, and for the safety of her now-homeless family.
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