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More weird dreams

I had two or three distinct dreams last night that I can remember

First, I was using a wheelchair to get to work. I was doing allright on the city streets, scooting along at a good clip, about as fast as a job or slow bike ride. Once I reached the highway, though, I really picked up speed. I must've taken the Market Street/I-65 on-ramp at close to 40 MPH. The secret was to quit dragging my feet on the road, and to draft behind a big Oldsmobile. Good thing, too. I didn't get to work until 10:30, over 2 hours after I left. I was listening to Bob and Tom, but I didn't have a radio. They were just there.

Next, and I think this was a continuation of the first dream, I realized I had forgotten my wallet, and I had to take the Indianapolis subway (which doesn't exist). I jumped into the First Indiana building, or was it the Bank One Tower, and picked up the train back home. It was a remarkably clean subway, all chrome and glass. Problem was, it took me to the far-EAstside near where I used to live. The other problem was that it was a one-way trip, and there was no subway back downtown. I had to start walking.

My other dream was of a play. The actors were William Hurt and F. Murray Abraham, they were in Shakesperian costume, but the timing was all wrong. They were performing some sort of ghost story, and nature was providing the sound effects. By this I mean that when they needed glass to break, a window pane would fall. At one point, William Hurt was shot by a ornate musket, but all it did was knock the wind out of him. Between acts, they were laying down, being attended to by someone who looked like a cross between Rachel Weitz (from the Mummy) and Betty Boop. F. Murray Abraham was reading some Victorian porn (dirty drawings). William Hurt saw this, and snatched the booklet from his hands. He saw that Rachel Weitz was in the pictures, and slapped F. Murry Abraham across the face, defending the woman's honor and demanding satisfaction. The two of them walk down a flight of stairs into an underground carriage house. The carriage was shining with gold, and the two drew their swords.

That's when the alarm went off, and I woke up.
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