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Political correctness run amuck

Actor and comedian Steve Martin deleted a tweet Tuesday that described Carrie Fisher as a “beautiful creature” after feminists complained it objectified the late actress.
Mr. Martin took to Twitter like dozens of other celebrities to pay tribute to the “Star Wars” actress after news broke Tuesday that she died after suffering a heart attack on a plane a few days earlier.
“When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well,” Mr. Martin wrote Tuesday afternoon in the now-deleted tweet, The Blaze reported.
New York Magazine called the tweet “extremely bad” and argued that Ms. Fisher fought against being labeled a sex symbol throughout her career

What the fuck, people!
Since when is calling someone "beautiful" a bad thing?
I do not for one second think Steve Martin was trying to objectify Carrie Fisher or try to shoehorn her into the mold of a sex symbol

I'll state my feelings up front: When she was a young ingénue, Carrie Fisher was a damn sexy looking woman.You're not going to want to see Jabba the Hutt in a metal bikini.
Also, she was smart, funny, and strong. Those qualities are much more long-lived than just good looks. That's why I liked her as an actress, and that's why I am sad at her passing.
Beauty is more than just skin deep, but it sure gets your attention while you find out more about the person inside the skin.

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