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2017 - the year I decided "Why Bother"

I’ve decided that rather than making new year’s resolutions which are focused on eliminating bad habits, I’m just going to do the opposite, feed my bad habits, and maybe cultivate some new ones.

  • I think drinking is a good place to start. A day without bourbon is like a day without sunshine. I work with a lot of liquor distributors, maybe I can get a deal doing quality control or field testing.

  • I’ve got the start of a pretty good gambling addiction. I should really work on that this year. Hey, if I go to the casino enough, they’ll start comping me on drinks, so this can go hand in hand with the drinking.

  • I’ve always wanted to dabble in vandalism, maybe try my hand at graffiti. I don’t think I have the skills or discipline of a Banksy, but I could at least break a few windows or spray paint an obscenity or two on an overpass.

Life in 2017 is supposed to be a giant car wreck anyway. I might as well turn into the skid.
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