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Had a great weekend

Had to work Saturday. That it inself doesn't have me doing handsprings, but I was working the 9-5:30 shift, which means I didn't have to close. I spent most of my day at the register or wlking the sales floor, just doing stuff that I thought needed to be done. It's so nice when people leave me the fuck alone and let me do my job.

The evening was the real highlight. Originally, Kat and I were going to go to dinner with dboogie, but that expanded into dinner with Dboogie, subbes, and two non-LJ friends from our neighborhood. Had a good dinner (Outback is not exactly cutting-edge cuisine, but at least I had leftovers for lunch today), then returned to the house (minus the neighborhood friends, who called it an early night). The four of us were up until 3am, talking, laughing, playing cards (a really fun game called Fluxx, and a dominoes-type cardgame called Aquarius, thanks to Subbes bag-of-tricks), and having a really good time.

I was kind of nervous meeting people from LJ (we knew DBoogie from Kat's job, but had never met Subbes before), but I had nothing to worry about. Subbes was delightful company, and not at all what I pictured. She's taller, more self-assured, and mature beyond her years. She's also rather pretty (her LJ pictures don't do her justice), and frankly more intelligent than I expected. She headed home around 3am, and I genuinely hope she'll visit us again.

The weekend wasn't over yet. DBoogie crashed in the spare room. We woke up around 11am, and after a filling breakfast of homemade French Toast, and a brief but useful hardware install of our new CD-RW drive by Dboogie, we decided to head down to the riverboat casinos (Grand Victoria). We did some light gambling, dropping around $70 in the slot machines, then had a belt-busing all-you-can-eat buffet. The waitress was one of the least friendly people I've met in a while. She wasn't particularly hostile, but lacked all of the real or assumed pleasant demeanor that a good waitress needs if she expects any sort of tip. After we finished dessert, it took off, stiffing her on the tip. It was sort of a challenge, all of us watching her serruptitiously; "Not yet, not yet...OK, she's not looking this way. Let's make a run for it!"

After we left, we drove to another casino (Belterra), but we didn't want to wait an hour and a half for the next cruise, so we started the long, slow trip home through Indiana backroads. We got home around 10:30, DBoogie headed home around 11:00, and went to bed around midnight, tired, broke, but happy.
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