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So much to do, so little time

It seems like everything is happening at once. Tomorrow, we close on our house (rescheduled from last Friday). This weekend, we have to move most or all of our worldly goods to a new home. Work is a pain in the ass, times two. At my day job, we have a deadline that no one, especially the developers, think we can meet. At my night job, my boss is an annoying little bitch, and my manager is a relative by marriage, once removed, who barely gives me the time of day.

Probably the best thing in my life right now is my wife. I love her dearly, and would never want to do or say anything to hurt her. So for the record, I DO NOT THINK YOU ARE A BITCH! You caught me in an off moment when I was preoccupied with work, half-listening to what you were saying (*I know, you hate it when I do that*), and I instinctively agreed with you. I'm sorry if it hurt or bothered you.

Well, after the move is over, we both start a new lifestyle-management program in NAtural HEalth magazine: 12 months to Total Health. If I follow their suggestions, I will be writing in this journal a lot more. You know, for someone who supposedly loves to communicate via the written word, I am more than a little lax in my journal entries. Hopefully, this will be corrected.

Time for me to head to Sam's Club. On the bright side, I'm off Saturday, so I only have to make it through tonight and Wednesday.
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