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Sort of a day off

Yesterday was the development team's semi-occasional off-site outing. In other words, it's an excuse to get out of the office, do a half-hour's worth of "team-building exercises", and let the company pay for it.

This time we went to Eagle Creek Park, a local state park. The team building exercises weren't all that memorable, with two exceptions.

Exception 1: using six straight popsicle sticks, create 8 equilateral triangles. Everyone else was scratching their head trying to figure this one out, but it took me about 5 seconds. It's a Star of David. Try drawing it and you'll see.

Exception 2: the final team game was a sponge toss, where a person on one side had to soak a sponge, throw it about 20 feet to the other person, who would wring it out in a bucket. Needless to say, a lot of people got slightly damp, except for the person who organized the game. Naturally couldn't take part, as she was busy taking pictures. When the game was over, HER boss asked to use the camera so he could take a picture of her with the rest of the team. As soon as she was within arm's length, two or three of the guys on the team picked her up, carried her over to the washtub-sized buckets of water, and dropped her in butt-first!

After a catered lunch of picnic food, the boss told us that we were free to do whatever we wished with the rest of the day. A few people decided to walk the trails, but just about everyone else took off for the golf course, the bar, or home. I visited Kat at work, dropped in on DBoogie, then headed home.

I was scheduled to work at Osco, but (cough, cough) I wasn't feeling well, and decided to call in. It was so nice to have an unexpected night off (I never call in, since I don't get paid if I don't work), and just spent the afternoon and evening in domestic bliss.
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