January 23rd, 2001

Doctor Lazarus

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What the hell am I doing, wide awake at quarter to one? Heather got home about an hour ago, and instead of a nice, snuggly night in bed, she's in the kitchem making donuts. First off, donuts are the last thing I need. I have no willpower, and if there's food in the house, especially junk food, I'll eat it. Cookies, fudge, pies and cake; unless she explicitly tells me not to, I'll decimate it.
Second, I have to be up in less than 7 hours. I got around 4 hours sleep last night, and I worked a 12 hour day today. A little cuddle, maybe a little fun, and falling asleep in each other's arms by 12:30 was about all I had in store. At this rate, either I'll be asleep by myself in 20 minutes, or we'll make love, stay up talking, and I won't be asleep until 2:00.
I love my wife, and I would love to make love with her, but I need my sleep.
Doctor Lazarus

I just don't know how good I have it.

After reading last night's post in the light of day, I guess it came across as sort of whiney and ungrateful. Of course I love being with my wife, and I would love to spend all night making love to her if I could. I guess I was just being selfish, tired, and cranky.
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