February 8th, 2008

Doctor Lazarus

Happiness is a working iPod

Many moons ago, the screen on my iPod cracked. It still worked, but over time, the LCD became totally unreadable, and therefore the iPod became unusable.

Into the desk drawer.

Two weeks ago, I received an unexpected check form work to reimburse me for travel expenses. It was more than enough for me to buy a new, snazzier iPod, but since the only thing wrong with the old one was the screen, I checked out how much it would cost to repair this one. To my surprise, it was only $35, with shipping.

Out of the desk drawer.

I packed it up and sent it in the next day. I received it back yesterday, and after charging it up overnight, I was doubly surprised to discover that all of my old music was still on it. I'm been jamming to some forgotten favorites all afternoon.

I can't wait to connect it to my computer and download all of the CDs I've ripped over the past year. Heck, I may even go to the gym tonight and have a "sweating to the oldies" workout.