February 12th, 2008

Uncle Fester

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I shaved off my beard this morning. That in itself isn't a big deal; I occasionally go clean-shaven for a week or so, usually because the dry skin underneath is itching like crazy. I have such a babyface without it (not to mention a chin that sort of morphs into my neck) that I usually can't wait to grow it back. Plus, if I have my head shaved as well, I look like Uncle Fester.

This time, it is an act of pennance. I realized yesterday that by constantly trimming and grooming my beard, I was giving in to vanity. To paraphrase Matthew 5:30, "And if your beard causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away."

I figure I will stay clean-shaven throughout Lent, and we'll take it from there. That will be nearly six weeks, the longest I've been without a beard in years.
Doctor Lazarus

All we hear is...Radio Ga Ga!

Another true classic from the 80's - Queen "Radio Gaga"

I remember watching "Radio 1990" on USA Network in the early 1980s, and this video got weeks of airplay.

This was really a turning point for Queen. After the glam of the 70s gave way to the New Wave of the 80s, they were starting to lose their audience. In a way, this song was somewhat autobiographical, how radio favorites were losing ground to MTV. Queen had been making videos of a sort for a while, but this was their first real "concept" video, taking elements from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. This was also one of their first songs to make heavy use of synthesizers (For years, their albums boasted the motto "no synthesizers were used on this record"). The song did huge business in the States and all over the world. Their album "The Works" also featured "I want to Break Free" (the video featured the band in drag) and "Hammer to Fall".

Later on, at Live Aid, this song was undoubtedly the pinnacle of their performance. Queen has two great audience-participation songs; "We Will Rock You", and "Radio Gaga"

Check out the hair on John Deacon! Everyone makes fun of the lead singer of A Flock of Seagulls, but Deacon looks like he left his head in the dryer on "fluff" for a bit too long.