May 14th, 2008

Doctor Lazarus

Time for another installment of the neverending saga: Insomnia Sucks!

1:00am, and I am wide awake.

There is rubbish on TV. Conan has Steve Carell (not one of my favorite actors; I've never seen an episode of the Office on purpose). Craig Ferguson is doing a lame-o skit about J.K. Rowling. Jimmy Kimmel is just finishing up with some teenage musical act. There's some second-rate Entertainment Tonight knockoff, something on PBS about fjords, a real-estate infomercial, and the middle of an episode of Reno 911, a show that grew old real fast. Without cable or satellite, that's about all I have to pick from.

Maybe there's something fun on YouTube to bore me to sleep.

Dogs must have some special gene that lets them fall asleep anywhere; Edison and Kacey are sprawled out on each other.

It's times like this that make me envy my dogs.

EDIT: 3:45am, and still up.

Ate two slices of pizza and half a 2-liter of root beer (by the way, there really isn't any sort of alcohol that mixes with root beer, is there?)

Watched an entire episode of Doctor Who on YouTube (The Doctor's Daughter, featuring an actual daughter of an actual Doctor. A surprisingly good episode).

Listened to an hour-long podcast from NPR (Speaking of Faith)

Read about 100 emails.

Managed to drain about 70% of my laptop battery.

If I go to bed now and manage to fall asleep in the next 15 minutes, I can get a solid two hours before my normal wake-up time.

OF course, if I don't go to sleep, slam some extra-strength coffee at work and just tough it out until tomorrow night, I'll have been up for around 40 hours.

Nap time, I think.