October 4th, 2008

Blue Man Group

A gaggle of geeks

I just spent the entire day at a technical conference (IndyTechFest). The whole time I was there, I kept having Weird Al Yankovic running through my head.

It was actually a pretty good conference. I learned quite a bit (when I wasn't falling asleep from the speakers droning on), and I spoke to about ten people regarding my job search. I've got a bunch of emails to send and phone calls to make, but that will all wait until Monday or so. After spending the day cooped up with a bunch of nerds, I want to relax and watch a little TV.

The pisser is that right after Mass tomorrow, I have to go to the office until at least 9:00 at night, maybe closer to 10. I may be looking to get the fuck out of my job, but until that happens, I still have work to do.
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