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Opie and Anthony get the Ax

Excerpts from an AP article about the firing of Opie and Anthony. The last two paragraphs are the high point of the article:

New York's WNEW-FM radio pulled the plug on shock jocks Opie and Anthony yesterday over their outrageous sex stunt at St. Patrick's Cathedral.
"Based on recent events, the 'Opie and Anthony Show' has been canceled and will be replaced by other programming," Infinity Broadcasting said.
At Infinity, an employee said the move "shocked" WNEW workers because Opie and Anthony were the top money-makers at the struggling talk station, ranked 22nd in local ratings.
This isn't the first time Hughes, 37, and Cumia, 39, have been fired.

The two Long Island deejays were canned by a Boston station in 1998 for an April Fool's Day hoax announcement that Mayor Thomas Menino had been killed in a car crash.

But that prank didn't stop them from moving to WNEW - where they were known for sleazy antics like Whip 'Em Out Wednesdays, in which they urged female fans to expose their breasts.
Pete Fornatale, a disk jockey from the days when WNEW was the leading local outlet for rock music, was delighted to hear Opie and Anthony got the ax.

"Good riddance to bad garbage," he said. "I only wish now they would retire the WNEW call letters with the glory of the first 30 years and not the embarrassment of the last three."

AMEN, Pete! I lived in New Jersey until 1995, and loved WNEW-FM. In the 70s and 80s, it was the milestone by which all other New York music stations were measured. Scott Muni was New York's ambassador to the Beatles, and was a demi-god among radio personalities. My car radio was fixed on 102.7 most of the time (if not, it was on 105.5, WDHA, the New Jersey equivalent of WNEW). I remember when they tried to change to an "alternative music" format in the mid-90s. It was a huge failure, and they went back to their classic rock days in no time. When they fired Scott Muni, I saw the handwriting on the wall. When they changed to a talk-radio format, I knew it would only be a matter of time before they self-destructed.

So long, Obnoxious Opie and Annoying Anthony! Bring back Rock and Roll!
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