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Oy vey, what a day!

Well, it's done. Yesterday, Heather and I closed on our house. I read (or half-read) a bunch of legalese, signed a ton of papers, and got a handful of keys and a check for $660. Our builder pays $4000 of our closing costs, but our costs were only $3400, so they gave us the difference.

Right now, I have a splitting headache, and my eyes are hurting like the light is too bright. I think my teeth, rotten as they are, are finally affecting the nerves in my jaw, and it's shooting up to the rest of my head. After this weekend, it's time to find a dentist.

I've been less than stellar in my eating habits today. Instead of the usual 8 glasses of water, I've only had 4 or 5, and I gave into temptation and bought a snack cake from the vending machine. Sweet pleasure, but around 400 calories and 12 grams of fat.

I really stuck my foot in my mouth today. Yesterday, I overheard one of my co-workers talking about Ash Wednesday and Lent. She mentioned she was giving up chocolate for Lent, and that another coworker, Amie, said that she was giving it up too, to which the first co-worker said "You can't give it up, Amie. You're Jewish!" I assumed the "Amie" in question was Amie Y., who is in the same department as the first coworker. Heather is meeting with a rabbi at the Shiarry Tafilla synagogue near Broad Ripple, and Amie Y. lives in that area. I was curious to see if she belonged to that synagogue. Today, I knocked on Amie Y.'s cubicle wall and asked her what synagogue she went to. She looked at me sort of funny, and asked who told me she was Jewish. When I told her the story, she said that she was not Jewish. As I blushed slightly and apologized sheepishly, I realized that they were probably referring to another Amy who I am not acquainted with, and I completely misunderstood the conversation. That will teach me for eavesdropping to other people.

Since I started typing this entry, the headache has dissipated. Maybe it's the therapeutic value of this, or maybe it's because I'm 5 minutes away from knocking off of my day job. I still have Sam's Club to deal with, and as I thought of it, the headache twinged again.
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