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I'm thinking his last words were "Hey, y'all. Watch this!"

Officer Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself
21-Year-Old Was Showing Weapon To Friends, Police Say

FRANKLIN, Ind.-- A correctional officer with the Johnson County Sheriff's Department died Sunday after accidentally shooting himself while showing his gun to friends, police said.

Jed Fulmer, 21, of Franklin, was at the home of friends demonstrating how he could take apart his gun with one hand, police said. After reassembling the gun, Fulmer put it to his abdomen and the weapon discharged, police said.

Fulmer was taken to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, where he died, police said.

"That's as good a kid that ever had feet hit this earth," Sheriff J.D. Richards said. "You don't lose someone like that and replace him easily."

Fulmer joined the department in June.

It wasn't reported in the article, but you've just gotta wonder how much beer/whiskey/cheap wine this yokel had to drink. Sunday afternoon, probably watching football with his old high-school buddies before they have to go to the machine shop, and one of them asks him, "So what did they learn you in sheriff school?"
You could understand, and almost expect, this sort of Darwin-award-winning performance from your average redneck, but this guy was a deputy (since June!). You would think he would know better. Then again, a 21-year-old guy named Jed...poor bastard didn't have a chance.
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