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Finally, we're in!

This was the big weekend. Starting Friday night, we began the hopefully not-too-long or arduous process of moving all of our belongings to the new house. Sean, my brother-in-law, helped out a lot. There weren't too many disasters, although there always has to be one or two things that go wrong. The four things that will stick out in my mind long after the dust has settled: Heather and Sean were up all of Friday night at BUPD, so Sean's energy was already flagging when we started to move the big stuff on Saturday. We didn't get back to the house until 2:00, and we only got the truck half-unloaded by 3:30, when Sean laid down for a nap. This nap lasted until Sunday morning. Because of this, we didn't get the truck emptied until late Sunday morning. As a result, I got charged for 2 days of truck rental instead of 1. Also, while we were moving the fridge into the kitchen, we made a small (less than 1 cm) cut in the new vinyl floor. Heather has a throw rug covering it for now, but we will have to fix that ASAP.
The one that will haunt me the longest is the scratch in the dresser. Thinking that there would be less chance of it tipping or sliding if I transported it on it's top, I covered the dresser with a sheet and loaded it onto the truck. When we took it off the truck and uncovered the dresser, there were two or three deep, 1 - 2 inch long scratches on the back right corner of the dresser top. Apparently the dresser slid somewhat during transport, and the sheet didn't offer much protection. I felt absolutely terrible, and Heather was furious beyond words. She all but threw me outside, and apparently pounded on the top of the dresser in anger until her hands and wrists hurt. Then she curled up under the bathroom sink, and I was afraid to go near her for a while for fear she would lash out at me. After a while, she calmed down, but I know I haven't heard the last of this.

Other than that, the move went about as well as I expected. We got most of the kitchen and bedroom moved, although we are a long way from unpacked and organized in the new house. I'm not going to load up the van until next week, but during this week, I'll be getting carloads of stuff and dumping it in the extra bedroom.

Because we were working so late yesterday, Sean spent the night, and I took him to school this morning. I don't remember the last time I got up at 6:20am and didn't fall asleep on the way to work. Two things are clear: we need to buy a matress, boxspring, and bed-in-a-bag for Sean's room if he's going to stay here during the summer, and we really have to remember to close the fireplace flue before we go to bed. It was FREEZING in the living room this morning, and we felt it on both sides of the house.

This afternoon, Heather brings home the pets. I can't wait so see Saturn and Edison tear-assing through the house. I feel bad for Kacey, though. Heather has pretty much banished him to the unheated and pitch-black garage. Until he learn better house manners, I don't think he'll get a reprieve.
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