Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You (tallguy) wrote,
Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You

God, I hate December

December always is the worst month of the year, this year in particular. There's all of the Chistmas bullshit (kind of tough to handle when you're a converted Jew). There are tons of people aksing you to contribute to their charity before 12/31 so you can take the tax deduction (I've managed to winnow down the begging letters from over 20 to 4 or 5 environmental and animal welfare organizations that I contribute to regularly anyway). There's the weather, the short days, and the feeling that everything is just collapsing in on itself. I am just not a winter person, and can't wait for the first bluebird (or hummingbird, or peacock) of spring.

This year, I get an added "bonus." Thanks to my little visit to the ER in October, I have hundreds of dollars of medical bills, all due (or overdue). That is on top of the usual monthly bills, which I usually just squeak through. My mom and sister are coming out, so I can expect to spend wads of money on them to make them feel welcome. Their visit will also boost the stress-o-meter right to the top (Kat's is already off the scale). Plus, this year is the first anniversary of my dad's death, so I just KNOW I will be unbearably morbid on December 30.

Work is becoming a non-fun place again. One of my coworkers, who I always thought of as a hard worker, is on "professional probation". If he doesn't meet certain goals by the end of the year, out the door he goes. They're also cracking down on the "miscellaneous" time on our timesheets, so goofing off (and writing journal entries) at work will be held to a minimum. One of our main business partners let thier entire development staff go in October, so of course when we have questions about a suspected bug in their product, the development manager (who the fuck is he managing?) has no clue. And next month, we start the performance review process, something which I absolutely despise. Raises, if we get any, will be deferred until April, and probalby will be very small cost-of-living adjustments.

Does anyone know where I can buy some maximum strength Prozac? How about a Zoloft smoothie?
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