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Happy New Year

The past three days normally would have some sort of signifigance to me. On Monday, it was 1 year ago that my father passed away. I completely forgot about that little fact until about 7:30pm, far too late for me to go to synagogue or light a candle for him.

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary (6 years). My wife and I spent it removing a toilet from the bathroom and laying tile. Of course, it was also New Year's Eve. We didn't go out at all, except to an early dinner. We spent the turn of the year watching VH1, with a brief channel change to watch the last-minute countdown and the ball drop.

Today being New Year's Day, we didn't go to work. Instead, we slept in late, then got right back to laying tile. I should clarify things by saying that Kat was doing the actual masonry work. My responsibility was to chisel away at the door posts to make room for the tile (not an easy job without a sharp saw), trim sheets of tile to size, and make the occasional trip to the hardware store or KFC for lunch.

No grand plans for the new year. Back to work tomorrow and Friday, then more tiling and housecleaning this weekend. As for new year's resolutions, they are equally modest. Only two: go to the gym at least once a month (once a week would be better, but not terriby realistic), and post to my journal at least once a week.

This one satisfies that requirement. More on the 8th, if not sooner.
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