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Nothing too exciting

After this weekend's moving experience, it was kind of a relief to get back to the relative boredom of a Monday. The day job went well; we hit our release target ahead of our revised schedule, which is around 3 months past our original schedule. Work at Samss was uneventful, and I got out of there by 9:10. I had to make some stops, so I didn't get home until 10:30. By 11:00, I was ready for bed, but Heather came home, and we were up watching TV and cuddling until almost 1:30am. One really nice thing happened today: my Volvo radio arrived. I'll probably install it Sunday, unless the one I have really starts to drive me nuts, in which case I'll pull the car in the garage and tinker with it tonight.
It was friggin' cold in Indianapolis yesterday, and it's not much warmer today. Much to my delight, Heather compromised on the dogs. They are still not allowed in the house (except when we are taking them out for their walks), but we will keep them in the heated utility room. They are in their kennels for now, but we may put up some sort of latticework around the furnace and hot water heater and let them run free ("free" being a relative term in an 8' x 10' room with 4 major appliances). They will still take their meals in the garage, but for the time being we have a sofa, two chairs, some bricks, and that's it, so they can run and play under our watchful eye.
I have to go to the apartment tonight and move some more stuff. I'll see if I can get the computer today, although I don't know where we will put it until our clothes are put away. Actually, on second thought, I'll wait on the computer. I'll get some more clothes, boxes, and whatever else will fit. As I said, it's rather nippy out, so I won't want to spend a lot of time loading and unloading the van. Once trip, and that's it. I do want to grab the VCR so I can watch "The Sopranos".
I don't think is this the soul-cleansing journal entry that it should be, but I'm just trying to get back into the habit of writing. If I can write down all of the banal minutiae of my day, I can eventually get comfortable enough to probe deeper and really express my innermost thought and desires here. Until then, I'll keep on rambling.
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