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Easy come, easy go

I had a pleasant surprise Tuesday. My wife's coworker is the wife of the assistant manager of the drugstore I worked at last year. She (the coworker) told her (my wife) that he (the assistant manager) was holding a paycheck for me (the author of this journal).

(everybody clear so far?)

Anyway, it turns out that all the time I was working part-time, I was accruing vacation hours, time which I wasn't aware of, so never took. I quit in August, before my 1 year anniversary. In November, they cut a check for my vacation payout, but it was never mailed to me. For three months, it's been sitting in the safe at Osco, the same store which I have stopped in several times since then to pick up prescriptions. It wasn't until they started sorting through the W2s that anyone thought to let me know, and if Kat wasn't working with the manager's wife, I still might not know.

When all is said and done, I recieved an unexpected check for $70...which promptly got spent on dinner, gas, cat food and litter that same evening. I think I had 3 bucks left, and that got spent on sodas and a snack the next day.
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