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Went to the gym last night

The good news: I walked/jogged about a mile (probalby more) on the track, and my knees are not killing me.
More good news: I rode the exercise bike for 26 minutes, the length of side 2 of Guns and Roses' "Appetite for Destruction".
The better news: I could have gone for a half-hour more. I forgot just how kickass that album is. It doesn't let you stop for a minute. I used to use side 1 as my workout tape in college.

The bad news: The track is surrounded by mirrors, so every time I took a step, I got to see in quintuplicate just how much my gut stuck out. When I jogged, I could see (and feel) my belly and man-breasts bounce.
The really bad news: After my workout, I weighed in at 232. Take away a few pounds for sweat-soaked clothes and sneakers, and call it 230.

Well, it's a start (again, after a one-month layoff).

Working on keeping my fluid intake up. Working on my third cup of tea and third/fourth cup of citrus juice (1 glass orange, the rest grapefruit juice blend).

Probably working late tonight. Wish I didn't have to, but I probalby won't have answers to my design questions until after lunch.
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