Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You (tallguy) wrote,
Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You

So much to do, and so litle time

Lately, it seems like everything in my life is in a state of change.

My company is relocating at the end of the month, so the office is being torn apart bit by bit. Walls are becoming bare, boxes that haven't seen the light of day for years are being opened, and trash bins are filling up fast.

Kat is goign through a job change. She is leaving her job at the end of next week, and while she is hopeful about a possible opening at Butler University, the only thing that is certain is that come the 15th, she will be out of work.

We're going to be taking a trip at the end of the month. Sometimes you just have to get the hell out of town, and this is one of those times. Philadelphia by way of Washington DC. For what started out as a simple little getaway, we seem to be doing an awful lot of planning. Hunting for the best hotel at the lowest price, calling my congressman ror tickets to the Bureau of Engraving, hoping like hell one or both of our tax refunds arrive (via direct deposit) before we leave town.

I've got a ton of work ahead of me. The new feature I've been working on for the past few months is code complete, meaning my work is done. However, it stubbornly refuses to work correctly in the actual installed program, a fact which is causing me (and the installation developer) a shitload of stress. I was supposed to have demo'ed this feature last week, and now I'll be lucky if it's ready for show-and-tell by the end of this week.

More on this later. Back to work.
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