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Holy overacting!

Just got done watching "Return to the Batcave", the Batman TV show reunion movie. A few thoughts:
Great mother of Buddha, did Burt Ward get fat!
The actor who played Adam West/Batman in the flashback scenes probably did a better job of acting than Adam West ever did.
Julie Newmar and Frank Gorshin look pretty good for their age, and Gorshin has done the best out of all of them.
There wasn't nearly enough time spent on Batgirl, and the "extra-cirrucular" activities between Yvonne Craig and Burt Ward.
Absolutely no mention of the Tim Burton-era Batman movies, and how Adam West wanted to play Bruce Wayne's father in the movie.
I checked out IMDB's entry for Adam West and Burt Ward. Adam did quite a lot after the show, most of it TV appearances and cameos in movies. Burt Ward has done next to nothing, and all of it was Z-grade direct-to-video flicks.

Taken out of context, the movie was pretty cheesy. Taken for what it was, a tongue-in-cheek tribute to what was really a breakthrough show (the twice-a-week format, the virtual reinvention of the Riddler and Catwoman), it was great!
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