Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You (tallguy) wrote,
Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You

Same shit job, new surroundings

Over the weekend, my company relocated their offices. It's still in Indianapolis, but about 5 miles down the road from our old place.

As expected, everything is a massive cluster fuck. The cubicles are missing thier kickplates and edge trim, some of them don't have power, and some of the tabletops aren't bolted down, so if you put a heavy box on them, whatever is on the opposite end goes flying.

I hate my cubicle. It is oriented 90 degrees from what it was in the old location, so everything is opposite from wher I am used to (phone on the right instead of the left, filecabinet is on the left, etc). That in itself isn't too bad. However, I right under a white noise generator (the same sort of white noise my air cleaner makes when I go to sleep), a flourescent light, and an air condition vent. Between the whoosing noise, the glare from the light, and the cold from the vent, I'm going to need to work wearing headphones, sunglasses, and a coat.

I'm fully unpacked. I hate, HATE putting my hardware back together. Too many wires, not enough space under the desk. My kingdom for a baggie of twist ties. I still have my second PC to put together, plus I have another network connection for some specialized equipment that I will need to setup. That's a task for later in the week.

Bad, bad food weekend. Did Chinese buffet for lunch Friday, and Ryan's buffet for dinner. Saturday was kind of a blur. Sunday was brats and saurkraut. Today, they brought in giganto-muffins, croissants, and other stuff. BTW, the kitchen here is almost as well equipped as the one at home. It has a smooth-top stove (newer and better than mine), all new appliances (toaster oven, microwaves), and a separate "cafe" with fresh food vending machines, gourmet coffees, and attached game room (foosball, air hockey, X-Box, full-size pool table).

I suppose I should get to work. I won't be working terribly hard today (still don't have printers, so can't test reports), but I'll probably get some long-overdue reading done. I'll probably write more about the new digs.
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