Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You (tallguy) wrote,
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Another wierd dream

I was driving from somewhere (don't remember the staring point) to my sister's house, which in the dream was about an hour away. Kat wasn't with me, but my friend Glenn was. For some reason, we took another route, got lost, and wound up at a Shop-Rite in the middle of nowhere. They had Tastykake products, but didn't have the butterscotch Krimpets I love so much. When I asked someone where we were, they said we were in Alabama. I got back in the car (Glenn disappeared at some point), drove for a little while longer, and wound up at my mom's place. She wasn't in the house I grew up in, but in some sort of condo/trailer, with really short ceilings. While I was there, they seems to be getting lower, but I didn't feel claustrophobic. I called my sister while Mom made some tea, and then I guess I woke up.
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