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Where did the weekend go?

I am so friggin' tired.

Got home Friday and helped Kat weed the garden.

Got up Saturday, picked up my father-in-law, and went to Vigo county to a cabin/camper/shack in the woods Dad owns. It needs a lot of work, but all we did was mow the grass (Kat did that) pickup some trash and sticks, clean the gutters, and move some cinder blocks to the back. We'll be going back there every other weekend or so to clean the place up and make it habitable as a weekend getaway.

Sunday, drove up to Michigan to see Kat's grandfather. He's not doing too well, and probably won't be here next year. 4 hours up, 4 hour visit, 4 hours back. Kat read the new Harry Potter novel the whole drive up and back, and another 2 or 3 hours after we got home.

Got up at 6 in the morning to go to a neworking group. We meet in a church, and since our regular room was in use, we met in the actual church. Kind of awkward for a nice Jewish boy to be staring up at the cross while trying to sell myself.

Now I'm at work, whene I can finally get some sleep.
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