Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You (tallguy) wrote,
Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You

Big Boom

Some pretty rough storms rolled through our area last night. There were reports of a few tornados touching down west of Indinapolis.

Other than a shitload of rain, our area seemed to get by unscathed. Then at 9:30, well after the main storms had passed us by, out go the lights. The popped back on again for a few seconds, then out they went again. This time, they were out for over a half hour.

We went to a friend's house to chat (nothing else to do), and the power came back on. It didn't stay on, however. Five minutes later, out they went again. Finally, a full hour after the initial blackout, the power came back on to stay.

The cable is still out, however.

Why is it when there is a really good show on TV, we lose cable or power? This weekend, we were watching "Little Buddha" on cable, and were really into it, when the cable conked out. Last night, we were watching something on PBS about Noah's flood, and BOOM! BOOM! Out go the lights.

Good thing the library has "Little Buddha" on video, and the local PBS station replays National Geographic programming a few days later late at night.
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