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The curse of Home Depot

For some reason, Home Depot has become the final resting place for unwanted professionals. In the past month, I've heard a radio story on NPR about an adjunct professor of art who is working at Home Depot to make ends meet. Monday, at my unemployed business professionals' group, there was an associate professor who is working at HD. Yesterday, at a job search training class, someone who was laid off from United Airlines talked about how he went to work there for a few months and has been there over a year. Sunday night, I had a nightmare about being trapped at Home Depot.

Let me state for the record: I HATE Home Depot. As a rule, I don't like home improvement stores, and Home Depot, while not the absolute worst of the breed (that honor is reserved for Menards), is not someplace that I enjoy going to. IF this is all foreshadowing of my having to work there when the unemployment benefits run out, then things are truly worse than I could imagine.
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