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What a fucked-up place to work

Tuesday was the MadeManage Indiana user group meeting. Sys admins and resellers were in the office to meet and greet the new executives, have some face time with the support reps, et cetera. They were given a tour of the office, and had lunch in our breakroom. I couldn't help but notice them.

Out of the 20 or so people that attended, at least a third were former Made2Manage employees. Some of them were laid off or quit at recently as six months ago. It was really awkward seeing these people, some of them former coworkers who I was friends with. I would've loved to catch up with them on events, maybe trade business cards and arrange to meet for coffee later, but I'm here as a contractor, and was given explicit instructions to keep my head down and NOT talk with these people.

Yesterday was another FUBAR day. For the past two weeks, I've been working on a project that requires me to use some system objects, which are basically self-contained code blocks that perform certain functions. I'll spare you the geeky details. Anyway, I've never used these objects before, so naturally I ask to see any documentation we have on them. None exists. I'm told to read the code and determine how to use them from that.
I also have a ton of questions about other parts of the system. These are critical questions, and if I make the wrong assumptions, I may have to scrap dozens of hours of code work, or perform additional coding. Either way, since I only have a limited number of hours budgeted to do this project, I want to get it right the first time.

Yesterday, I'm told that the objects I need (at least the ones that have been written already) are in version 5.50 of the software. I've been doing my development in version 5.02. Since I'm just a lowly contractor, I don't have rights to install new software on my machine. They need to submit an IS request, and they won't get to it until Friday at the earliest, more likely Monday. Also, the person I need to ask questions of is on vacation, and he won't return until Monday.

Bottom line: I was sent home yesterday, and told not to come back until Monday. That's two and a half days, of which I receive zero pay. THIS is why I hate my job.
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