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What a wonderful day (for a change)

Today started off great, and actually stayed great.

Drove Kat to work today (the only reason I could do this is becuase I'm on a three day "hiatus" from my job. See previous entry). On the way home, heard a local radio station giving away T-shirts and Colts tickets. It was on the way, so I stopped. The goal was to throw a football through a target about the size of a hubcap from about 5 yards away. Now I can't throw a football to save my life, but they were giving T-shirts tot he losers, so I figured what the hell. I got lucky, and put it through on the first toss (I missed the next two). They gave me tickets for nosebleed seats. The entire drive home, I'm just singing to myself "I'M GOING TO THE COLTS GAME! I'M GOING TO THE COLTS GAME!"

Fast forward a few hours. I pick up Kat from work, and we decide to have lunch out. Much to my delight, she suggests the Broad Ripple Brew Pub, home of some pretty damn good microbrews. We spent a leisurly hour and a half over the world's best beer cheese dip and some salads and sandwiches while I enjoyed a dunkel lager.

Fast forward again. We're at home, waiting for her neighbor to drop off her baby so we can watch him while she takes her hubby to the doctor. 15 mintues past eh dropoff time, and no baby. I call her, and she tells us that she found someone else to watch the kid, and she meant to call us but kept getting interrupted. Kat is pissed, and rightfully so. Had we known this ahead of time, we would have gone somewhere this afternoon, or come home and worked in the yard instead of lingering over lunch.

Not to worry, though. We grab our coats and go shopping. I picked up an armband radio I've been wanting to buy, but needed an excuse (football game is a good reason). Kat buys a few hardly- or never-worn dresses and jumpers at Goodwill. We wander over to the mall, and are seduced by Yankee Candle. One of our aquisitions is buring right next to me, a Peppermint Cocoa jar candle that smells yummy.

When we got home, we see Saturn, our favorite cat, sitting outside on the porch. He may have snuck out when Derrick let the dogs out. The cat's no dummy, though. He knows where his food comes from, and he was waiting patiently for us. It's a good thing we got home when we did. It was starting to get dark, and he's an all-black housecat. 15 more minutes, and we might never have seen him.

Now we have a nice fire in the fireplace, Kat is sitting on the sofa reading a good book, and I'm about to join her. It doesn't happen very often, but once in a while, life is good.
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