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New Year's Resolutions (for what it's worth)

For nobody's benefit but my own, here are my new year's resolutions and goals, along with some of the reasons why.

Lose 30 pounds and/or 3-4 inches off my waistline by June 15.
I just don't like the way I look in the mirror, and I hate the way I feel when I have to struggle into a pair of jeans. I'm 229 lbs (as of noon on 1/4/04) and have a 38+ inch waist. I'm not looking for miracles; I know I'm going to have to work my ass off (literally), but I really want this, if for no other reason than to feel better about myself.

Be able to ride a half-century (50 miles) on my bike, preferably by June 30.
Kat and I are planning a bike tour of the Netherlands this June. 8 days, and the daily ride ranges from 25 to 45 miles. I want to enjoy my vacation, not be completely shot after the first two days and miserable the rest of the time.
(Addendum: We have decided to skip the bike tour. We'll rent bikes for a day or two, and cycle around Amsterdam. I still want to be able to do a 50 mile ride, but the urgency isn't there. If I can do it by LAbor Day, I'll be happy)

Be able to do 40-50 situps at a time.
See weight loss goal above

Pay off the station wagon in total.
This one I'll actually reach. The wagon is due to be paid off by November, and the finance company gets a little testy if I'm late. Nothing like a big black mark on your credit report and the threat of the repo man a-knocking to motivate you.

Get my credit card balances below $3000 each.
Based on current balances, that's going to mean I have to pay $100 on each per month (preferably more after the vacation), and never never never be late.

Have a real job, with proper benefits.
I have a job, and the pay is OK, but I'm an hourly employee. If the client doesn't have work for me, they can send me home and I don't get paid for the rest of the day. I don't have paid time off (vacation planning is going to be rough), and my company is about as stable as an Iranian fault line. I want to get back to a job where I can trust the management, have the sort of benefits I've expected (vacation and sick leave, 401k, fringe benefits), and know that I'll have work to do in the morning instead of being on pins and needles.

Have at least one Microsoft certification.
A means to the above end.

Volunteer at least once a month at a local organization (library, shelter, civic organization).

Go to synagogue at least once a month (twice a month if it's the Friday services).

Get up by 7:00, and be to bed by 10:00 (with appropriate exceptions).

Save enough money for a new computer or a major overhaul of my existing system.

Read one book a month. It can be fiction, but not schlock. Preferably history, religion, or job-related.

Quit biting my nails.

I'll work on this later
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