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More resolutions

Keep the amount of TV time to under 3 hours a day
This one will be harder than I thought. Our original plan was to drop cable TV entirely, leaving us with over-the-air broadcast TV. With less to watch, it would be easy to curl up with a book instead of the remote control.

Well, over the New Year's break, Kat realized that dropping cable meant losing Turner Classic Movies and a whole slew of premium movie channels that were included with digital cable. OK, so MAYBE I could be talked into keeping basic cable for TCM. We also discovered that Comcast now has an On-Demand channel, where you can choose from dozens of programs and old episodes of cable programs (Monty Python, Anime Network, music videos, travel shows, etc) "at the touch of a button".

That did it. Clutching the remote like Gollum with his Precious, Kat flat-out stated "We're NOT dropping cable." I aquiesed, half-reluctantly (hey, I was gonna miss the Law-and-Order trifecta on NBC, TNT and USA). We are dumping the second converter box in the bedroom (never worked right anyhow).

I've still got to monitor my time. No more Buffy in the morning; BBC News or the local gabfest while I'm getting ready. Limit myself to ONE episode of Law and Order (including the first-runs on NBC), and turn off the TV after the news. When I sit down to read, do not have the TV on (unless it's one of the music channels, another reason I'm sort of glad we're not dropping cable).

Weekends, sports programs, and good movies (stuff I won't see on regular TV or get from the library or viedo store) are the exception. DVDs and tapes of movies don't count, but tapes of old TV shows do.
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