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Evil kitty

Got up this morning at 7:00. Decided it was just a little too early to face the day, so I grabbed a quilt and curled up on the couch for a few minutes. (Made sure to set an alarm clock for 7:30, just in case) Just started to get warm and comfy when Moira, aka the bitch kitty from hell, starts to scream and meow from the bathroom she was locked in.

Fine, I stumble off the couch and let her out. Back to couch, back to semi-sleep, when she comes up next to me and lets loose with a blood-curdling, nails-on-the-blackboard screech.

Still fighting to stay on the softa, I reach over, pick her up, and put her under the covers with me (she likes to snuggle under my chin). She starts purring, which is soothing, then does her impression of an off-key opera diva, right in my ear.

Now fully awake and painfully aware of it, I abandon the couch, grab the little furball, and dump her in the front bedroom, where she still is. Oh well, I needed to get ready for work anyway. I just really want to go to bed early tonight.
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