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Thank you, thank you very much

Just came back from watching Bubba Ho-tep. For those of you who haven't heard of this movie, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) plays a 60-ish Elvis Presley with a bad hip, and Ossie Davis plays JFK (they dyed him black after the shooting). They are in a rest home in Texas, and a mummy wearing cowboy boots is sucking the souls out of the other residents. Elvis grabs his walker, JFK mounts up in his electric wheelchair, and they go mummy-hunting.

It is a very funny movie. Bruce does a great job, doing a dead-nuts impression of the King with Ash's attitude. There's a few subplots that don't go anywhere, and you can probably see the fishing line on the flying scarabs, but definitely a good way to spend an hour and a half. If you can find this movie, go see it. Good luck, however. There are only 7 prints of this movie.
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