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The night the lights went out (or on)

We tried to put up some ceiling fixtures yesterday. We were in the middle of wiring up the light in the dining room when a storm out of hell whipped up. Kat yanked the light down, and we spent an hour watching our neighbor's furnitire blow around her back yard. After the storm abated, we finished putting up the dining room light. Next, it was on to the ceiling fan. We have 12 foot high cathedral ceilings, and only an 8 foot ladder. I'm not very good with electrical wiring, and I don't have much of a head for heights (over 6 feet tall, and I have a fear of heights!?). Kat wired it up while I supported the weight of the fan motor. After she was done, I worked on the blades, but I couldn't get the damn things attached. I was ready to throw them out the window when we decided to call it a night. Kat said she would work on the blades today. I wish her luck.
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