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Progress on resolutions

Lose 30 pounds and/or 3-4 inches off my waistline by June 15.
Started at 229, down to 225 as of this morning.

Be able to ride a half-century (50 miles) on my bike, preferably by June 30.
Haven't ridden my bike yet (it's winter, for heaven's sake), but I've been working the exercise bike at the gym. 12-16 a day, twice a week. Planning a trail ride on Feb 15, weather permitting.

Be able to do 40-50 situps at a time.
Haven't been doing situps every day like I hoped, but I can do 15 on the bench at the gym without gasping for breath.

Pay off the station wagon in total.
One month down, 11 to go.

Get my credit card balances below $3000 each.
Paid $100 each on Visa and Discover this month.

Have a real job, with proper benefits.
Sent out two or three resumes last week, and it paid off. I have a phone interview scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

Have at least one Microsoft certification.
Picked up a Visual Basic book to review. HAven't cracked the cover yet.

Get up by 7:00, and be to bed by 10:00 (with appropriate exceptions).
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Usually I don't. It will take time.

Read one book a month. It can be fiction, but not schlock. Preferably history, religion, or job-related.
Currently have two books I'm working on: "The Essential Cyclist", and "Rick Steves' Paris", plus the VB book I have to read.

Quit biting my nails.
Did OK until Friday, when I got seriously stressed out about my taxes. Oh well, they'll grow back.
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