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Fucking Colts

Payton was absolutely terrible. Four interceptions (or was it five), and sacked four times.

I can't believe Marvin Harrison fumbled. MARVIN! What the hell happened?

That high snap in the second quarter was another "what the fuck" moment. Just GIVE the Pats two points and the ball.

Despite all of that, they almost, ALMOST pulled off a fourth-quarter comeback. If Payton had completed just one of those passes on their last possession (and if the refs would've called pass interference once in a while), they might have gotten down the field and maybe gotten a touchdown.

Yeah, yeah, and if my aunt had gonads, she'd be my uncle.

Now I've got to root for the Eagles, something that an old Giants fan finds very hard to handle. Eagles-Pats would be a great super bowl, Panthers-Pats would be a horror show.
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