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Just had a phone interview yesterday with InfoDynamics, a local document software company. It's a very small company (6 or 7 employees, only 4 of which are full-time), looking to fill a postion that's coming open (current employee is leaving). I don't know if I was their ideal candidate, but unless they dump a ton of cabbage on the table, I know they would not be my ideal company.

I worked for a company of that size when I got out of college, so I know what to expect, having to do a lot of everything (design, coding, support, direct interaction with customers). Maybe I've gotten spoiled, but I want to work for a company with at least 25 employees, enough for a real separation of responsibilities, allowing me to focus on my job instead of worrying about everyone else's.

I should have known. When I did a Google search on InfoDynamics, I found at least a dozen other companies with that name. If they're not imaginative enough to have a truly unique corporate identity, then they probably don't have the out-of-the-box way of doing things that will ensure success.
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