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Some thoughts on the weekend

Didn’t go out Friday night, breaking a months-long tradition Kat and I have of having Greek food at Santorini’s. Made it there Saturday, though. More on that later. We wound up ordering a pizza and watching The Mummy (before the food arrived) and Chicago (after). Very well done, and probably the only movie that Renee Zellweger actually looks like a real actress, not some sort of squishy-eyed constipated soap opera hack chewing on the scenery.

(Sorry, can you tell I don’t like her much?)

Saturday started early, much too early. I took Kat to work at 8:00 (well, she did the actual driving), then went on a Quest for TurboTax®. Office Depot was closed, so I killed some time at Wal-Mart. Finally, 9:00 rolled around, and I went back to Office Depot. The deal in the paper was, buy TurboTax federal, get TurboTax State, Quicken, Norton Antivirus, and a stack of CD-Rs free (after rebate). Well, this was before MyDoom decided to fuck up the landscape. All of the antivirus software was sold out, and not just at this store, but at all of the Office Depots throughout the city. I bought what I could, and will have to buy Norton this week after they have restocked.

Went home, dealt with things, left to pickup Kat. I am notoriously late, so I made it a point to leave early enough that I would get there about 5 minutes before she got done. Nice try. I didn’t count on the mass of Castleton neo-yuppies deciding that they just HAD to go to the carwash that is two buildings down from Kat’s office. I got off the highway and was stuck in traffic for almost 15 minutes. I finally got to a side street and warp-speeded it to her office, about 15 minutes late. Needless to say, Kat was pissed. To quote Jake Blues, “Oh, PLEASE, don’t kill me! It wasn’t my fault, I SWEAR TO GOD!”

After about 20 minutes of us bickering and seething, we decided to go to the Home Show. It was a big improvement from the past. After walking for a while, Kat was a little hungry. We have both agreed that the Indiana State Fairgrounds is a trafe-safe zone (we can eat the sort of non-kosher foods that we normally avoid), so Kat bought a pork tenderloin.

Got home, and immediately went to the closet to sort through all of our 2003 records and receipts to find anything that might be tax-deductible, and also do the end-of-year file cabinet cleaning. While I was doing that, Kat loaded the TurboTax software and started entering our tax information. After about three hours, we both let out a huge sigh of relief. Not only don’t I have to pay anything this year, we will actually be getting back a nice refund. Not as big as years past, but enough for us to add another star to the hotels and restaurants we will be visiting in Europe.

With that onerous task out of the way, we got dressed and sauntered off to Santorini’s. The food, as always, was excellent. We got our usual starters (iced tea, bowl of garlic mushroom soup), then split a falafel platter and a side order of fried eggplant. Dessert was kataifi (looks like shredded wheat, tastes like a cross between baklava and custard) and Greek coffee, strong as hell, with a thick sludge of powdered coffee grounds at the bottom. (I know I’m not supposed to eat/drink the grounds, but when your wife is dipping her finger in them and feeding it to you, what can you do?) We were there so late that the wait staff was sitting down to have their dinner. They are breaking in a new staff, and it sounded like they had a less-than-stellar evening. Any other restaurant, I would be worried about overstaying our welcome, but we come here so often and tip so well that we just sat and joked with them (shared our falafel with the bartender) until over a half-hour past closing time.

On the way home, we stopped by Meijer. As we were pulling in the parking lot, I saw what looked like two cases of Diet Coke on the bottom on a cart in the return area. I took a look, and sure enough, two cases of soda. A woman in the car next to the cart area said that someone left a few minutes ago and left them there. No one else was there, and she didn’t want them, so I grabbed them and put them in the back of our car. Hey, free is free!

Sunday was, of course, Super Bowl Sunday. Kat’s dad was going to join us for the game and the mountains of food, so while Kat was cooking, I was cleaning the bathrooms. We stopped for lunch, watched a move or two, and finished getting ready. Unfortunately, Kat’s dad could not make it. He wasn’t feeling well, and was very tired. Now we have a quart or two of chili cheese dip (which neither of us eat), a bunch of beer (which will take me a few months to drink), and a whole lot of chicken tenders which have been marinating in either Buffalo chicken sauce or a sesame ginger bourbon glaze. Looks like I know what I’ll be having for dinner for the next few days.

On to the game. For a change, it was everything a Super Bowl was supposed to be: the two best teams in the league showing off their defense (in the first half) and offense (in the second), and it being a nail-biter down to the last play. The commercials were nothing special. I know I’ll be seeing Troy and Van Helsing, but I knew that before I saw the commercials. As usual, the best commercials belonged to Bud Light. Cedric the Entertainer getting a bikini wax, and the couple in the horse-drawn carriage (“Look, a rocket sled”) both had me roaring with laughter. I did enjoy the halftime show, but I missed THE halftime “show.” Damn me and my dislike for Justin Timberlake.

I watched the original Survivor (was it really only three years ago), but haven’t watched any since. I stayed up to check out the all-star edition. I think I may have to watch this season. I wonder what sort of twists they will throw at them, and who will get fire first. What’s interesting is that the idol they play for is in two pieces: the human half and the environment half. Makes me think of a new twist: The three tribes play for two different idols. One idol grants them immunity, and they don’t have to vote anyone off. The other idol doesn’t give immunity, but gives them something they need for their camp (a shelter, a box of food, a 55-gallon drum of fresh water). Make them decide what is more important.

Now it’s Monday (was morning when I started this, now it’s afternoon), and I am back on the diet. Started using FitDay to record what I eat, and I’ll be hitting the gym tonight. Kat left work early today (computers were down), so she may be at the gym already or may be waiting for me. Meantime, I’m hoping they have enough projects this week to keep me busy, otherwise I’ll be heading home early or not coming in at all on some days.

God, I hate Mondays.
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