Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You (tallguy) wrote,
Bill, aka the Crazy Clock Guy, aka Hey You

So far, so good

This is my third day at my new job, and other than a slight case of eyestrain, everything seems to be going OK. Of course, they haven’t actually given me anything to do yet. I’ve been studying manuals, using the practice database to familiarize myself with the system. I don’t know when they’ll have me on the phones.

The product really isn’t that hard for me to understand. Obviously it uses different terminology, but the basic concepts aren’t that much different than my old comapny's ERP system. Here, I’m dealing with activities and programs instead of parts and jobs. The financial side is actually a piece of cake, since it’s just a general ledger system with a different name. Makes me wish I had paid more attention to that part of M2M when I worked there, but money is money.

I’ve got a nice shiny new laptop to use. An IBM ThinkPad T41. Unfortunatley, no docking station, so I’m stuck with the undersize keyboard, no mouse (I hate touchpads), and practically nonexistent speakers. But at least I get to take it home, so Kat can have her Bluebunny. I think it has an internal wireless card. I’ll bring it home over the weekend and try to hookup with our wireless network.

The toughest part, at least for now, is the feeling of boredom. Similarities to previous products aside, there is still a learning curve which I must overcome before I can do any real work. Spending day after day working through a manual is pretty dry stuff, and I have limited interaction with others here. On the upside, the fellow that was hired just a week before me sounds like a pro, and is already handling simple support cases. I hope I pick this up as fast as him.

Still trying to get a handle on my spending. After a month or so of scrupulously watching every penny, I’ve gotten a little lax, particularly with money spent on food. Two or three bucks for lunch, some more for snacks (yogurt, granola bars), and heaven knows how much at sit-down restaurants, and I’m back to wondering where it all goes. I think Kat and I need to sit down with Quicken this weekend and start fresh with March’s receipts. I also need to buy a shitload of frozen food and start bringing my lunch.
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