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I LOVE my wife

All of Thursday night and Friday morning, Kat told me that she had a surprise for me for Friday night. She told me to wear some nice clothes, and that she would pick me up after work. I though we would be going to the opera.
Kat picked me up from work Friday with a present: a DVD of O Brother Where Art Thou. She said it would be this evening's entertainment. Coool. No opera, but it is one of my favorite movies.
Then she told me to read the card. It had a cute rhyme: See Bill smile. Smile, Bill, Smile. See Bill and Kat fly to New York. Fly, Bill, fly. See Bill and Heather sleep in five star hotel.

After a slightly bumpy flight into Newark Liberty Airport, here we are at the Intercontinental Hotel on Lexington Ave. We've just spent the morning and afternoon walking around, having breakfast at a little coffe shop we both loved (still good after six years), visiting the Met (so I could see Vermmer, Paxton, and a shitload of others), shopping at Macy's (uptight crazy New York women are SO much fun to watch), and are now watching "Groundhog Day" on HBO.

However, that was only part of the card. I'll post the rest tomorrow.

All of this is thanks to my wonderful, kind, considerate, and beautiful wife. Whatever I did to deserve this, I don't know, but I'd better keep it up or she may leave me at the airport.
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